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CDMI is a church that is built on the foundation of prayer and fasting

The vision was conceived after God spoke to Dr. Michael Kimuli to step fully into his call of deliverance and prayer ministry with a desire to raise  new generation of Christians/believers that are delivered from evil background (foundations) and are duly transformed. This need arose after a session of seeking the Lord for direction.

Michael is a servant of God who has been in ministry for over twenty years. He served with World  Trumpet Mission as an Assistant Director, Pastor, Prayer and Mission Coordinator.

He set up Christian Discipleship Ministries International (CDMI) to help disciple and transform Christians who are spiritually orphaned. The ministry has conducted activities like Dscipleship and Deliverance classes  (and mobile), Hospital Ministry, Missions, giving alms, Radio programmes and overnight prayers. All these are undertaken to deliver, transform and lay a proper foundation for Christians who need to be discipled.

“To Raise a Revived and Discipled Christian Generation with a Servant and Father Heart”

“To Help Raise and Disciple a Generation of Prayerful Christstians by Mentoring, Training, Prayer Networking and Equipping them with Biblical Transforming Principles and Skills.”

  1. To raise a new generation of Christians with a servant, mother and father heart. Mat(20: 26-28)
  2. To establish a model church for the service and worship of God.
  3. To establish schools of Ministry.
  4. To challenge and stir up a sense of destiny in the young people.
  5. To build a Prayer Network.
  6. To set up an exchange programme of Missionary wok.
  7. To address the challenge of young people in relation to moral behaviors.
  8. To raise up a holy priesthood in every sphere of influence.
  9. To prompt the welfare of Christians through the maximization of their God given potential.
  10. To train and equip the people with knowledge, life skills and attitudes to maximize their production potential.
  11. To partner with non-governmental organizations with same objectives.
  12. To influence social transformation through the improvement of levels of literacy and income.
  13. To promote self-help projects such as poultry, handcrafts sewing, fostering, farming and husbandry.

CDMI Strategic Intentions are achieved through Seven Strategic Pillars, Strategic Objectives and Church goals.

  1. The main objective is to challenge and stir a sense of Destiny in Christians.
  2. Missions:
  • We aim to equip and send out people to take God’s Word around the world by implementing our missions programme for extensive International Conferences and Outreaches.
  • To set up an exchange programme of missionary work.
  1. Discipleship and Training:

We intend to increase participation in church wide activities through:

  • Conducting Prayer Schools
  • Deliverance Trainings
  • Interactive Fellowships
  • Staff Training
  • Business Clinics
  1. The Youth and Children
  • We intend to tech more Children about God’s love and provide excellence in Children Ministry Education Classes.
  • We aim to grow the Youth Programme to create more understanding in God and His Word through Youth Meetings.
  1. Culture

Our aim is to build Model Family Church and Network.

  1. Funding Programme.

We aim at achieving Financial Stewardship and be financially responsible by developing Ministry budgets for Monitoring, Coordination and Control Purposes.

  • Maintain a good Financial Management System through record keeping and plan to increase funds by encouraging congregational giving based on biblical principles in tithes and offering.
  1. Media

We aim at acquiring sound and video support equipment to help support evangelism by establishing a modern Ministry studio.

  • Evangelise outreaches using different avenues e.g. creative art, one on one, open air, films, sports, drama, gospel music etc.
  • Publish printed and electronic resources which will be distributed to the target group.
  • Print and Publish pamphlets, articles, newspapers, periodicals, books or leaflets that the community may think desirable for the promotion of its own objectives.
  • More about our resources like Books, CDs, DVDs, Magazines etc. and other branded materials are available.
  1. The word: We believe and are committed to teaching God’s word in love and deeds.
  2. Family: We believe there is nothing more important than strong and united families.
  3. Integrity: We believe and are committed to integrity in private and public (accountability and honesty)
  4. Agape Love: We believe that loving relationships should permeate every aspect of church life as a demonstration of God’s love.
  5. Training: We believe in equipping the saints for Ministry and life by helping them operate their God given abilities.
  6. Devotion: We believe that full devotion to Jesus Christ and His cause through prayer is normal to every believer.
  7. Prayer: We believe in the power of prayer and networking that makes a critical difference in all we attempt to achieve.
  8. Evangelism: We believe in difference approaches to evangalise various people groups.
  9. Praise and worship: We believe in praising God for what He can do and Worship for who He is.
  10. Holy Matrimony: We believe marriage was ordained y God and must be honored.
  11. Team Work: We believe in serving God in all available ways as a team.
  12. Unity: We believe and are committed to the unity of the body of Christ.
  13. We believe and are committed to partnering with others with the same cause who seek to enhance the body of Jesus Christ regardless of their nationality, race, gender and ethnicity.

Our Beliefs

We believe in Prayer

Most Christians believe prayer deepens a person’s faith. Praying can help the believer come to a greater understanding of God’s purpose for their livesChristians interpret the response they might get to their prayers in the following ways: God answers prayers, but not always in the way the person wants.

The Secret of Fasting

In the new covenant, we fast in a different way, as after the wedding feast (Mk 2:20). We fast not only to end tragedy but to begin ministry. Jesus fasted for 40 days to begin His public ministry (Mt 4:2). The church of Antioch fasted to begin the first missionary journey (Acts 13:2). We fast not so much because of destruction and tragedy as because of construction and fulfillment.

Do you know God's voice?

The Bible itself declares, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God” (John 1:1). In another place, we read: “All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness.” (2 Timothy 3:16).



Why God allows divine delay?

Scriptural Reference 1 Samuel 1

We are in terrible days when seducing spirits are turning people away from the faith. (1Timothy 4:1) You need to have a personal relationship with God. God also wants to benefit from our prayers. He needed a prophetic voice while Hannah needed a son.

God causes you to delay so that you produce the extra ordinary. No one knows Peninah’s children but Samuel has 2 books that speak of his life in the bible. Samuel was a child of a price. Therefore, delay is not denial.

Before getting your breakthrough, you need to have a proper foundation. A big breakthrough on a weak foundation will cause a crack. As you pray, strengthen your foundation by praying, reading the word, honesty, integrity and working on your character.

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Overcoming delay and denial

Scriptural reference: Genesis 29:16-30

In Genesis 29:16 – Jacob had to work for 7 years to get his wife but after those years, they brought him Leah the tender-eyed one instead of Rachel. Like Jacob, when you have to work longer for something others get in a short time it is delay and denial. Daniel was praying for a revelation but a demonic force hindered his answer.

We need to breakthrough into the realm of revelation, into a place of vision. Until the Lord speaks there are certain things where you cannot take a step. Revelation is what gives you a prayer direction. Pray that God opens your eyes to see what is holding you back.

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How history of your foundations affect your life

Scripture reference: Joshua 6:24-26 and 1 Kings 16:34

Foundations are always hidden and cannot be seen yet they are what supports the building. You cannot build something strong on a weak foundation. Everything God started has principles and if you try to put it on something else it fails.

It was because of foundations that God changed names of the people who encountered Him. Foundation issues may look small and of no effect but they take their roots deeper before they begin show their effect of bitter fruit.

What you are today is because of what lies beneath your life. A firm foundation produces a stable life while a faulty and weak shows a miserable life.

For more of this sermon and others from CDMI Church, Kololo. Heskethbell Road next to MTN Arena.

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