Tag: Understanding divine delays


By cdmi on August 11, 2019 in CDMI church, Kololo


One of the reasons why we are seeking the Lord this month is to know Him. (Philippians 4:10). There is nothing as important as getting a relationship with Him. Today we have many challenges. If you are working out your salvation while looking at someone you might get disappointed. It is time to look unto Jesus. There is a tendency of the church making people look at the man of God and not the God of the man. It is time for us to change our mind set. We need to move from the level of asking to the level of seeking so that we get to learn how to have communion with God. The communion where you feel the presence of God and fall in love with Him to the extent of ending your prayer session without asking God for anything but just love.

Why do we delay to breakthrough to get to God? One of the causes of divine delay is when God notices we are seeking material things and not Him. Between prayer and the results is waiting. In waiting sometimes we do not know what to do, why God is not responding, why He seems to be quiet and yet we are living in a society where every thing is instant. But our God does not change. There is nothing like “Microsofting” God. You cannot google God. You cannot google the presence of God. We have to seek God the way Abraham and Peter did because God does not change. (Hebrews 13:8) Since God is the same, the same price they paid is what we have to pay.

Delays are a daily occurrence and they discourage people. Often times we find ourselves asking why. Why the delay and yet you are doing something for the Lord? John 5:1 – 18 shows Jesus with the man at the pool of Bethsda who had delayed healing for 38 years. The man had made an effort to seek healing but his focus was on the pool and he was putting the blame on others. The one asking him is the savior but he was focused on something different. You might be seeking but your hope is some where else.

When there’s divine delay, sometimes God wants you to understand a certain principle or to fast. In the process sometimes we feel like twisting God’s hand and are frustrated and angry. But, do not lose heart, do not faint. (Galatians 6:9 and 2 Corinthians 4:16) We need to keep looking up to Him and keep doing the good work. (Isaiah 1:19) As you seek God continually, He begins to correct your character and behaviors. But if we murmur and live in unforgiveness, we cause a delay.

When Joseph experienced delay, God was in it. He was teaching Him something through the dreams. He was waiting for His perfect timing. Joseph had to wait. We also have to wait on God because He has perfect timing. So continue seeking Him and in that continue doing good because in the right time He will come through.

There are certain things that show delay caused by the enemy. Its better for a person to have slow progress than experiencing delay. You may think you are making progress but in the sight of others you are in delay. You may have a mission but cannot fulfill it. For example, having a job but failing to provide for your immediate family, fifty years old but still never married. When it comes to this, you have to fight. Daniel’s answer in Daniel 10 were already available but the angel delivering the answer had been captured in the spiritual realm.

Daniel in the same chapter is called beloved of the Lord because he was a frequent seeker of the Lord. He prayed 3 times a day. However, some of us only go to God’s presence once a week. We therefore need to know the cause of our delay.