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By cdmi on August 11, 2019 in CDMI church, Kololo


Scriptural Reference 1 Samuel 1

We are in terrible days when seducing spirits are turning people away from the faith. (1Timothy 4:1) You need to have a personal relationship with God. Seek Him to know Him, understand Him and have fellowship with Him. Do not seek the man of God, SEEK GOD.

Seeking God involves waiting. In waiting we may experience divine delay. Do not fight God when it is a divine delay. He could be protecting you from a wrong decision. For example, God closed Hannah’s womb because He wanted to birth a Prophetic voice in Israel. There was a Peninah who came into her life provoking her to fast and pray until she made a vow to give her son to the Lord if He gave her one. God also wants to benefit from our prayers. He needed a prophetic voice while Hannah needed a son. It was the partnership He was looking for.

God causes you to delay so that you produce the extra ordinary. No one knows Peninah’s children but Samuel has 2 books that speak of his life in the bible. Samuel was a child of a price. Therefore, delay is not denial. Sometimes God is preparing you for something extraordinary in your life that will be like a bill board that people read and see the Hand of God upon your life.

Before getting your breakthrough, you need to have a proper foundation. Sometimes we do not have the foundation that can uphold the breakthrough we are asking God for. A big breakthrough on a weak foundation will cause a crack. God desires that you prosper but you are not ready for the prosperity? As you pray, strengthen your foundation by praying, reading the word, honesty, integrity and working on your character. In seeking God He will tell you where you need to change or what you need to correct.


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